A Guide To Casino Pit Management

Casino pits are typically the areas of a casino where the table games are played. There can be a single type of game played in a pit, or many different kinds such as Craps, Roulette and Blackjack, depending on the size of the casino. Every table has a Dealer, and every Dealer is supervised by a Floorman.

Although many women also perform this role today, the traditional title of Floorman remains. Each Floorman is responsible for about 3 Dealers, and all Dealers report to a single individual. That person is the all-important Pit Manager, also called the Pit Boss.

Pit Manager Functions

The Pit Manager looks after the employees working in the Pit. Within the hierarchical system of Pit Manager, Floorman and Dealer, the Floorman can correct minor Dealer mistakes but if there are any serious issues the Pit Boss has to step in. For example, if a deck of card is found to contain duplicates the Pit Boss will have to be called. Besides Dealers and Floormen, the Boss will also manage staffers bringing in more chips and performing other maintenance tasks.

You have to register here to oversee gameplay properly, the Pit Manager has to have a good understanding of the games themselves. That’s why these individuals usually have a long history of working or playing in casinos, and are able to remain calm in stressful situations. They also need to be familiar with the rules and regulations of the specific casino that they work at, to ensure that these are followed correctly.

A Pit Boss is also responsible for the conduct and appearance of Pit personnel. All workers must be dressed appropriately and need to show every player proper respect. Dealers are watched closely to check that they are not making mistakes or cheating in any way. The Pit Boss also schedules the breaks of all staff members.

In addition to making sure no employees cheat, a Pit Manager also watches for player misconduct of any kind. Those that seem especially skilled, for instance, will be singled out and monitored closely. They also fill out credit slips, authorise cash-outs, open and close game tables, and more. The Pit Boss keeps the casino running in the way that it should.

Handling Casino Issues

If you’re having any kind of problem on the online casino¬†floor, from disagreeing with another player to fighting with your Dealer or difficulties cashing out, the person who is ultimately responsible is the Pit Boss. If you feel that the issue is small enough to be resolved by the Floorman, ask to speak to them. The Floorman can then decide whether or not to involve the Manager.

You might want to discuss involving the Pit Boss with the Floorman first, but you also might want to go straight to the top. If conduct in the Pit has been very poor or you have been treated especially badly, take your grievances to the Manager. As long as you are assertive rather than aggressive, your points will be heard and acknowledged so that the games can continue smoothly. That, after all, is the top priority.