A Simple Guide to Betting On Camel Jumping

While Camel Jumping is not a term heard often in contemporary sporting arenas, it is a sport steeped in a rich cultural history. Camel Jumping has been practised since ancient times, but has more recently gained global interest as journalists from across the world have traveled to remote lands to see these skilled artists in action.

While the sport of Camel Jumping is alarmingly simple in its rules, it requires a lot of skill, and to see these acrobats in action is exhilarating. The sport itself can be likened to long jump or hurdles, however, it seems more like pole vaulting when you see it first-hand.

Watching the exhilarating action could be even further enhanced by placing wagers on these skilled performers, and by betting on specific players to see who will be the victor. Why not place a wager on how far a player can jump down to the millimetre? Or you could place a bet on how many camels a participant will clear.

How to Compete in Camel Jumping

The sport of Camel Jumping is beautiful in its simplicity. Camel jumpers are astounding near-professional-level athletes who train all year round to be fit enough to compete. The participants always wear clothing of a light blue colour, which makes them immediately recognizable as Camel Jumpers, and are barefoot when competing.

Starting with one camel, the participants sprint down a sandy track at full speed and then launch themselves into the air and over the back of the camel by using a small mound of dried clay and foliage for leverage. As the participants clear one camel, another camel is added to the line horizontal to the first, and the most professional of Camel Jumpers can clear up to 6 camels in one clean jump.

If at any time contact is made with the camel during the jump, the participant is immediately disqualified, and the turn termed illegal. The player who manages to clear the most camels is declared the winner. Believe it or not, this is popular in some regions. Almost as popular as the https://bettingonline.nz/greyhound/ betting has to offer.

History of Camel Jumping

While much of the history of Camel Jumping has been lost through the ages, it is presumed that the sport began during ancient times as a way for camel herders to pass the time during their arduous travels through desert plains. Said to be a 2000 year old tradition, the athletes practise year round to participate in Camel Jumping events, and it’s a skill passed down for generation to generation.

Camel Jumping events take place during special occasions such as weddings, amidst singing and dancing, and it truly is a spectacle to behold. Even though much of the history has been lost, a legend has passed down through generations that it was introduced by a foreign merchant when negotiating the purchase of camels.

Camel Jumping Today

It is said that there are no organized events for Camel Jumping which makes this sport even more lucrative. Competitions take place during special occasions such as weddings and festivals, surrounded by traditional dancing and music.

Their light blue robes are rolled up to around their waists, and the high kicks and leaps begin. Women do not participate, but are at times granted access as spectators.