Acey Deucy Card Game

When it comes to casino games, most of the online and land based games are actually based on popular card games that have been adapted for the modern casino environment. This is especially true for the game of Red Dog Poker. As a newcomer to the online casino world, Red Dog poker has become incredibly popular and is played at land based and online casinos around the world. The game originated from the classic game of Acey Deucey which can still be found in many land based casinos and holds a strong following. In the notes below, we are going to explore how the game works and how to play the modern version of the game online.

The Origin of Red Dog Poker

Acey Deucey is a betting card game that is also known as In-between. The game gets its name from the way it is played and the card combination that is almost a guaranteed winner. In this game and in Red Dog poker, the basic idea of the game is to bet on whether a third playing card will fall in-between the two previously dealt playing cards. If the third card falls outside the first two, the player loses their bet, if the third card falls inside the two numbers, the player wins the bet. This is why the game is often referred to as in-between and takes reference from the Aces to Deuces which are the two card that are furthest apart tin the spread.

Starting the Game

In both Acey Deucey and the modern Red Dog game, the online bingo game begins with players placing their bet on the table. The dealer then deals the player two up facing cards with a space in the middle. Players then look at the cards and determine the spread. In the online version of Red Dog, the computer will automatically calculate the spread and will pay out according to the size of the spread. If the cards are close together, e.g. a 5 and 7, the spread is small and the payout is large.

Raising or Checking

In the original Acey Deucey game, if a player is dealt two of the same cards, they lose their bet and if the cards are consecutive they also lose their bet. In Red dog, both a consecutive hand and matching cards results in a push. Players then get the opportunity to raise the bet or to check. If a player has a large spread, it is better to raise the bet, if the player is dealt a small spread it is better to stick and hope that the next card dealt lies within the spread.

Winning a Hand

In Acey Deucey, if an ace and a two is dealt, this is the highest spread number possible and almost always results in a win. The only way this hand cannot result in a win is if the third card drawn is either an ace or a two again. In Red Dog, one the middle card has been drawn, the bets are paid out. In the online version of the game, the computer automatically calculates the bet and the spread multiplier and pays out accordingly.