Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Slots Review and Playing Tips

This game takes for its inspiration the well-known fictional story of a London doctor whose power has pushed him over the edge, into the grips of insanity, a book named Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, written by a man named Robert Louis Stevenson and published in 1886.

Players who are not familiar with this story will find many correlations between it and the more recent one of The Hulk, with the main difference being that the transformation from Dr Jekyll into the monstrous Mr Hyde occurs when a special potion is drunk, rather than when the doctor gets angry, as in the case of The Hulk. While a working knowledge of the book is by no means necessary in order to enjoy the game, a basic understanding of how the theme has been implemented can only add to the overall experience.

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde 3D Visuals

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is a 3D slots machine that presents engaging visuals and realistic sound-effects that serve to engage the player totally. It offers players five reels and 30 paylines, with the reels placed inside Dr Jekyll’s house. Dr Jekyll himself accompanies players throughout the game, with his symbol found on both sides of the reels at all stages of play.

Symbols for Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

The symbols for Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde include the doctor and his evil alter-ego, the magical potion that allows the transformation to take place, a police officer, a fireplace, the house belonging to Dr Jekyll, a book, a bloodstained newspaper, and a golden key inside a lock. These online slots real money Canada symbols all become animated whenever a player manages to create a winning combination by means of them or trigger a bonus feature.

Payouts for Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Players are able to check on all the payouts possible for Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Slots by selecting the View Pays button, with the biggest line payout possible equalling 1200 in whatever currency the game is being played in, awarded to players who manage to land five of the Dr Jekyll symbols on one activated payline.

The logo for Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde does not give out any payouts when it appears on its own, but, when it acts as a wild icon it can replace both the Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Slots symbols and can contribute to triggering bonus rounds as well. The Mr Hyde symbol will also act as a wild for all of the symbols for the games, except for the Jekyll icon and the logo for the game.

When the blue potion icon lands on either the second or fourth reel alongside a Mr Hyde symbol, players will be able to get a bonus that multiplies their set wager. This bonus multiplier can be anything from five to 20 times their original bet. Collecting the red potion icons will fill up the meter during the main portion of the game and will eventually unlock a free spins round for lucky players when it hits maximum capacity.