eSports Betting – A Beginner’s Guide

eSports have become hugely popular in recent times, and the money, resources, and organisation thrown into the creation of games, events and tournaments, is now generally on par with regular sporting events. So is the serious dedication and skill of professional players, as well as the stakes they compete for. This has led to eSports becoming increasingly popular amongst online sportsbook gamblers.

Just Another Sport

Essentially, betting on eSports is the same as betting on any other sport. One places a wager on the team or player expected to win, and, if judging correctly, the resulting payout will be based according to the odds of that team or player winning. The odds are generally set according to the over-all performance and track-record of the team or player and will usually be supplied by the online sportsbook.

This is the most basic form of eSport betting, and is commonly called “match win” betting, though some online sportsbooks and sites may give it their own unique name.

Decimal, Money-line, And Fractional Odds

Depending on your region of the world, the betting odds will commonly either be supplied in decimal, American (aka money-line), or fractional format. Because it’s the most simple and understandable, the decimal format is the most commonly used world-wide. Either way, it is vital that the odds system is well understood before attempting to bet on eSports.

Other Betting Types

Besides standard match win betting, many sportbooks also have special types of wagers that apply to the specific eSports games according to their rules and styles of gameplay.

Examples of other bets offer by sportsbooks include:

  • Draw – placing a wager on the outcome being a draw.
  • Group Winner – placing a wager on the group containing the final winner.
  • Handicap – some sportsbooks set a margin, also known as “the line”, which gives, for example, an underdog team an advantage to balance the odds.
  • Outright Winner – placing a future wager on the predicted over-all winner of a tournament.
  • Over/Under – placing a wager either on or against the sportsbook’s prediction of a particular outcome or statistic within the game, such as the resulting score, number of kills, etc.
  • Region Winner – placing a wager on the region of the winner.
  • Total Rounds – placing a wager on the predicted number of rounds in a match.

Methods of Payment

Licensed and regulated sportsbooks will have all the most trusted and safe online banking methods, such as PayPal and eWallet, as well as cryptocurrency methods like Bitcoin and blockchain transactions.  Credit and debit card payment via Mastercard, Maestro, and Visa, are also commonly accepted.

ESports Betting Tips

  • Know Your Game – as with all sports betting, having an in-depth knowledge of the game, it’s rules and strategies, the teams and players, etc. is essentially to winning.
  • Watch Your Bankroll – Gambling addiction should never be taken lightly, so it is important to set strict loss limits and to be responsible, informed, and smart with your betting.