Fear–Making A Friend Of An Enemy Of The Bet

Since fear is the probably the oldest and number one enemy of confidence, it is also a natural enemy of sports betting and the successful bet.

Psychologists identify our greatest common fears as the fear of dying (or ceasing to exist) and the fear of public speaking. But we are afraid of several more possibilities, maybes, and outcomes. And in betting on sports, we’re specifically afraid of the following:

  • We fear the unknown.
  • We fear losing (all) our money.
  • We fear being wrong. And even more so, we fear being wrong and not being able to figure out why.
  • We fear missing out on a golden opportunity.

Important however to keep in mind is that fear is very seldom actually justified. Or in other words, it’s very much a subjective type of feeling or emotion.

Within the context of the sports bettor, negative consequences following fearing an outcome that 90% of the time will not and does not happen, can include failing to execute a thoroughly considered plan, failing to make a decision because it’s crucial that that decision is made “right now” – even when obviously the “right” decision, and even failing to act because of our having already played out everything that could possibly go wrong in our heads long before the time has even arrived to “place that bet”.

Considering all of the above, it becomes clear that the only way in which to successfully overcome fear is to embrace it by approaching it head-on.

Embracing Fear Of The Unknown

Embracing fear of the unknown means making an active decision to become comfortable with that which we cannot possibly be certain of until such time as it has actually happened. To the sports bettor, this means making peace with the reality of not needing to know the future in order to make money.

If anyone were actually able to fortune-tell a game or a race, then there would be no use for the rest of us to carry on doing what we’re doing in any way. Not knowing and succeeding regardless is what makes us great sports bettors. It only means we’re able to analyse a specific set of conditions, facts, and even one or two assumptions in such a way that we’re able to accurately predict the likelihood of a certain outcome.

Embracing Fear Of Losing Money

This one is much easier than you’d think. It’s a fact: money will be lost. But fortunately for us, it’s also a fact that working hard at learning how to manage monetary risk when betting on sports is a sure-fire recipe for growing tenacious and able to deal the occasional blow of the loss.

Embracing Fear Of Being Wrong

Being wrong is something handled much more positively by some than by some others. This is because being wrong – as does being right, for that matter – speaks directly to the human ego. Crushing and embracing the fear of being wrong therefore requires us to conquer our own egos. Difficult perhaps – but certainly doable.

Embracing Fear Of Missing Out

The solution to embracing the fear of missing out – or FOMO – on golden opportunities is a simple one. It also happens to be the main reason many beginners give up before they’ve even wagered as many as a single bet. Embracing the fear of missing out requires no more of you than to open the first online bookmaker site that pops into your mind.

Yes – you’re not likely to run out of options or opportunities to succeed any time soon.