Formula One Betting Tips

When it comes to formula betting, there’s a lot of options that you can explore. The most commonly used option is Outright Betting which looks at the winner of the entire season and not a singular race.

Tips For Betting On Formula One

While there are a lot of tips that we can throw your way, these are the best starting points when it comes to placing your bets.

  • Start with small amounts as you get to know the sport and the art of betting
  • Research betting platforms before committing to one
  • Research the driver’s stats and their performance this season – what were their lap times?
  • Find out which drivers thrive on which tracks and use it to your advantage
  • To understand the race, be sure to read or watch the race previews
  • The weather will determine performance, so check the forecast for the day as well as which drivers thrive in those conditions
  • Grid positioning can make or break a race, especially if the track is too narrow for cars to overtake one another

Formula One Betting Options

  • F1 Constructors’ Championship Odds: In the F1, drivers compete in teams of two. The team with the best-combined score is the winning bet. You choose the team that you think will win the entire season and if they win, so do you.
  • F1 Any Race Podium Finish Odds: Here you bet on the driver that will place first, second or third in any race. You’ll need to specify the driver and the race that they’re competing in.
  • F1 Drivers Championship Odds: This bet is on who will be crowned the overall winner of the season.
  • Pole odds: Before the race, the drivers will partake in a practice session, the person with the fastest lap time will be awarded the first position on the grid which can be a major advantage. Here you’ll bet on who will receive this honor.
  • Driver versus driver: Here you’ll have to select the driver that will excel in the race. This looks at who placed higher between two drivers within the season. In some cases, this can also be done on a race to race basis.
  • Race winner: As the name implies, you’re betting on the overall winner of a specific race.
  • Safety cars: Should an issue arise on the track; a safety car will be deployed. This yes/no bet looks at whether or not you think the car will be sent out.
  • Top 3: You’ll bet on who will place in the race and have a podium finish.
  • Fastest lap: As the name implies, you’ll win this bet if you choose the person with the fastest lap time in the race.

You’re Spoilt For Choice

There’s a lot of options when it comes to betting and betting on F1 is no different. You can place a once-off seasonal bet or actively bet on races as they come up. Whatever option you choose, do your research beforehand and place a bet within your budget.