Interesting Summer Olympics Bets

The Summer Olympics Is Held Every Four Years

The Summer Olympics, or the Games of the Olympiad, is an international multi sport event held every four years in a different city. The most recent Olympics were held in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. The International Olympic Committee votes on which city will host the Games every fourth year, organises the games and oversees the preparations made by the host city. Since 1904, medals are awarded in every Olympic event, gold medals for first place, silver for second and bronze for third place. The Winter Olympics were created because of the resounding success of the Summer Olympics.

The Modern Games Began In 1896

The Summer Olympics began in its present form in 1896, and was a forty two event competition with about 250 male competitors from 14 nations taking part. The 2016 Summer Olympics was held in Rio de Janeiro, the first Summer Olympics ever held in South America, and the first Games to be held during the local winter season. There were more than 11,000 athletes taking part in the Games, nearly half of whom were women, and they came from 207 different countries. First time entrants were the new country of South Sudan, Kosovo and a Refugee Olympic team. 306 sets of medals were awarded for 28 different sports, including rugby sevens and golf which appeared for the first time.

Eighteen countries have hosted the Summer Olympics, with the United States hosting more Olympics than any other country. London was the first city to hold three Summer Olympics, and several other cities have hosted the Summer Olympics twice. Five different countries, Greece, Australia, France, Great Britain and Switzerland have been represented at every Summer Olympic Games since its modern inception, and the only country to have won a Gold medal at every Summer Olympics is Great Britain. Tokyo, Japan will host the 2020 Summer Olympics, making Tokyo the first Asian city to hold the Olympic Games twice.

An Interesting History

The Summer Olympics has a fascinating history. They date back to the days of the ancient Greeks’ festival of games held in honour of Zeus, the father of the Greek gods. The games were held in Olympia, a rural sanctuary site named after Mt. Olympus, the highest mountain in Greece and the home of the greatest of the gods. The athletes were all male citizens from every corner of the Greek world, even as far as Iberia, or Spain and the Black Sea, or Turkey. The ancient Olympic Games began in 776BC, and were held in Olympia every four years for almost twelve centuries.

People Can Bet on A Wide Array of Games

The modern Summer Olympics, with its huge array of sports and events, is a gift to everyone who enjoys a bet on the athletes or the games. People can place bets on every aspect of the sport in question, who runs in that race, who is the winner, from which country will be come, who will come last, among a host of other types of bets. Anyone betting on any kind of sporting event, including newer soccer and cricket betting online,  is advised to find out all the details of that specific sport, all the athletes taking part and their current form, before placing any wager. There is a large number of sports books that will meet the requirements of everyone wishing to place a wager online, at many online casinos, and all can be used at your convenience.

Sports have been keeping the world entertained for centuries. The Summer Olympics are perhaps the epitome of the best of world sport.