Joker Poker Multi Hand in Detail for Internet Players

Joker Poker Multi Hand is an online slot game created by Play N Go. It uses the standard rules of joker poker, but expands the game to a new level by adding the possibility of multiple hands. Joker poker, in terms of standard rules, is very much normal poker but with the addition of joker cards. A joker card, as is expected, may be used as any other card, which will greatly increase the chances of making a valuable poker hand. Keep in mind, however, that joker cards can be fairly rare, and may not make an appearance for a few hands in a row.

Once the player is satisfied with the hand, payouts will be made according the play table located at the top of the screen. A quick glance at the pay table reveals that the player must achieve two pairs in order for any payout to be made. A hand of a value lower then this will result in no payment at all. Two pairs may seem like a steep payout limit in Joker Poker Multi Hand, but one should keep in mid how much the addition of the joker card effects the game.

Multi Hand

The extra hand aspect of Joker Poker Multi Hand is an interesting idea. The player may even play standard single hand joker poker, which can be done by simply not adding extra hands. If extra hands are desired, however, they can be added by clicking the plus sign at the bottom of the screen. Three extra hands will be added with a single click, and keep in mind that each new hand requires its own bet. Add too many hands and the resulting cost will quickly become astronomical.

The interesting aspect of Joker Poker Multi Hand is that the player only directly interacts with one hand. Choose to hold a card on the one hand, however, and notice that it appears in all the other hands. But, upon drawing, each hand will receive a different new card, combined with those already held. The implications of the game design can be extremely intriguing, and the potential to achieve multiple exceptional hands is an ever present possibility.

Higher Hands Pay More

The nature of Joker Poker Multi Hand is that the higher the value of the hand achieved, the greater the payout will be. The player must, however, manage some fairly high value hands to enter into the big payout department. Nothing short of a wild royal flush will get the player the big bucks, and an insane five of a kind must be landed to score the jackpot.

Keep in mind, of course, that in joker poker a five of a kind hand is a real thing. A full house is a rather disappointingly low payout as far as poker is concerned, and it may be commented that the game can perhaps be a little tight fisted. Be sure to always keep in mind, however, that in Joker Poker Multi Hand each hand will payout separately, meaning that the game is designed to only payout well if the player is making use of a multiple hand system.