Kaffe BAR-BAR-BAR’en ā€“ Simple Slot Machine Fun

Kaffe BAR-BAR-BAR’en, by Play nā€™ Go, is a simple, three reel online slot machine game, focused on being basic, understated, and enjoyable. Without the bells and whistles of most other online slot games, the player can easily understand which matches are possible, and which sequences are being created during wins. The game is themed around two animated characters and their cat, and utilises pleasant music that accompanies each spin. Simply make your wager, utilising up to five lines, and click to spin the wheels. The cute characters will animate when a winning sequence is achieved. This game is playable on a mobile device, as well as directly in an internet browser.

Played Icons

In Kaffe BAR-BAR-BAR’en the usual playing card icons are done away with, in favour for a much smaller, but far easier to understand selection of icons. These include the coffee pot, coloured bar symbols, triple bar symbol, cute couple, cat, and golden cup of coffee. Bonus payouts can be achieved when matching certain icons.

Bonus Icons

In Kaffe BAR-BAR-BAR’en the golden cup of coffee is the wild card. It can match with other symbols, or with itself for massive bonus payouts. The coffee pot is the scatter symbol, and will also trigger major payouts, but may only be matched with itself. The golden cup of coffee does not match with the coffee pot. For more detailed information about matching sequences and payouts, click the paytable button, which can be found in the bottom right of the screen.

Play For Free Or Real Money

You can play the game for free, using virtual currency, for as long as you wish. To do this, simply open the game and an amount of free currency will be given. If you wish to play for real money, please make sure you are logged in to your active account. Funds must be available in the account to play. If you wish to make a deposit, please ensure that your bank account is linked. More information about this s available from the customer support centre of your favourite online casino nz.

User Interface

Kaffe BAR-BAR-BAR’en features a simple, user friendly interface that is compatible with most mobile phones and other touch screen devices. The spin icon, represented by a cup of coffee, can be seen at the bottom centre of the screen. Tapping it will take one manual spin. The autoplay button, to the right of the cup of coffee, will trigger multiple consecutive spins, without input from the player. The amount of spins can be set, as well as the circumstances in which the auto-spin sequence will be interrupted. To the left of the spin button are the current bet, how many lines are bet on, and the bet max button, which will put the maximum amount possible on all betting lines. The options button, represented by two cogs, is at the bottom right, as well as the option to turn sound on or off.Ā  The red cross will exit the game. Not also the option to make the game full screen, and the option to change the games language.