Review of Gemix Online Slots for Players

Gemix was released in 2014 and is a 7 x 7 online slot game developed by Play ‘n Go and features a wild, scatter and a bonus game among other features.  Gemix is a seven reel slot with one payline and is non progressive.  Gemix can also be played on mobile devices.

The game begins with bright colours and shiny gemstones with music in the background.  Gemix takes place in an enchanted forest and the symbols fall down from above.  The jewels are brightly coloured in a variety of shapes.  These include a yellow star, red heart, pink moon and an orange, green, purple, light blue and blue gem.  The graphics are of a high quality and players will enjoy the cute fairytale characters.

How to Play Gemix

Gemix is unlike other slots where the aim is to spin a winning combination, but with Gemix players will try to create clusters (five or more) of the same symbols.  Once players at online gambling casino sites have created a cluster the jewels will disappear and new jewels will take their place.

This means multiple wins are possible in one spin.  If a player is able to hit a total of twenty jewels, a crystal charge will appear and players are able to win more and if forty jewels are hit players are able to win even more.  The betting range is wide and the jackpot can go up to 500 coins.

Features of Gemix

Gemix is a little more challenging than a classic arcade game and has levels which players progress through.  Each level has its own wild symbol.

Review of Gemix Online Slots for Players

Fantasy Themed Slots

Play ‘n Go has created a fun, colourful online game complete with colourful characters, shiny stones and blasts of crystal power which enable players to win more and progress through three different fantasy worlds.

3 Wild Symbols

The first world is the miner’s world and the wild is a lantern.  The second world is the princess and the wild is a lollipop and the last world belongs to the wizard and the wild is a spell book.  In order for a player to move up to the next world they will have to find three out of six secret combinations.  Players will enjoy a longer game play through while solving puzzles and moving up through the various levels.

The game becomes really interesting once the bonus features are activated and this happens when a player hits twenty or more wins.  At this point the crystal charge meter will pop up and drop special symbols such as crystal warp, nova blast, light beam and chain lightning.  Each one of these special symbols has their own power.  The crystal warp will switch symbols to match other symbols.  The nova blast makes all symbols next to it disappear.  The light beam acts as a wild symbol by substituting for all the symbols except the scatter and the chain lightning can change a whole line (diagonal) into matching symbols.  A player’s winnings can be tripled if 40 or more combinations are made.