Football Star Slot Promotion from Microgaming

Unique Football Star Slot Promotion from Microgaming at a Glance

Microgaming announced unique Football Star promotion had excited fans of both the game and of the sport all over the world. The software manufacturing company, who has been operating since nineteen ninety four and has hundreds of games already released, is doing something very unique and different than most of the slot promotions that players are used to.

Microgaming announced unique Football Star promotion should be quite exciting to players who enjoy football because this promotion involved their favourite sport as well as playing a slot game that revolved around their favourite sport. The slot being referred to was of course Football Star.

Football Star

Before we get to the promotion announcement for Microgaming announced unique Football Star promotion, it is important for players to first understand what the slot Football Star is all about.

As one might have guessed from the name, the Microgaming slot Football Star centres on one of the most popular sports in the world – the game of football. Football is also known as soccer in some places, but its most popular name is football.

This slot features a large stadium full of screaming fans and a football pitch as the background. This will definitely help transport players to their favourite match and also it alludes to Microgaming announces unique Football Star promotion, but we will come back to that later. The symbols used in this game are different elements of the game of football and include a referee, a football pitch, a goalie making a save, a player making a slide tackle, a player kicking the ball in the air and a player hitting the ball with his knees. There is also a pair of red and orange cleats with a white strip and a black a white striped football that serves as the scatter symbol for this game.

To the left and the right of the slot, the player can see that there is a total of two hundred and forty three ways to win. As in some real slots at, at the bottom of the slot, the player is given some additional information about their winnings as well as how many credits they have remaining.

Microgaming announced unique Football Star promotion was even more exciting in that the game it is promoting has bonus features. Bonus features for Football Star include Striking Wild, Rolling Reels and free spins.

Striking wild is a random bonus while rolling reels involves winning symbols disappearing and being replaced with additional symbols. This gives the player another chance to win.

Football Star Internet Slot

Unique Promotion

Microgaming announced unique Football Star promotion that would have taken players to the football world cup. In order to enter, the player must have spent at least £20 in stakes during play. For every £20 staked, the player got one entry into the competition.

The lucky winner would have been drawn from the pool of entrants and received flights from London to Rio to watch the big match unfold. They would also have won a room at the Copacabana Hotel for their trip. Finally, they would be given two tickets to the World Cup final.